A man of science is well aware: “The human body is very complex and the accuracy levels required from blood glucose is very high so do a measurement technology and precision of measurement instruments is most significant!”

MGW a top notch global measuring instrument manufactures with a pioneering experience in continuous studying of demand in industrials circle. The company has created most experienced, highly accurate and long lasting measurement products for its consumers.

We provide our clients with the best assorted range of measuring instruments with the wide varieties.
“Durability with Accuracy”
It’s very important for all worldwide measuring instruments to be sharply accurate along with its consumer durability. Our manufactured equipments are:

Highly durable precision measuring instruments available for all metal, plastic, oil industries and scientific institutes.

Expertise in micro meters vernier caliper, dial gauges, canning gages, combination set and other precision measuring       instruments.

All products are certified and under warranty.

Repair & Calibration of all measuring instruments.

Technical knowhow for the major industrial measuring devices.

We cater the finest precision tools which meet to your today’s rigorous requirements for quality. We endeavor our best of services to meet our customers valued requirements of measuring tools, hand tools & instruments of every description and specifications at moderate price. Satisfying our customer is the prime earnest desire.

MGW assures you prompt services and the par excellent services all the times.
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